Daily taks-my way:Edit

1)Attack npc xy- done during daily looting proccess.

2)spend rubies- i suggest you just donate 1 to your alliance and they will be gratefull for it over the Long term.

3)spy 3 Targets- spy my nearest 3 npc's or tragest which i will use ot gain xy glory

4)gain xy glory- i just search for a ruin with outposts which i attack so i get some gloory loot and can sobatage thhem for 5)

5)Sabotage 1 target- search for a ruin a Sabotage one of his outposts

6)Send ressources to another Castle lord- send 33 Wood 33 Stone and 34 Food fo perosn xy so if they have max Stone they still get the Wood and Food and you the Point if yu wnat to optimize send it to the outpost you want to attack.

7)Log in once a day- i open the app  

8)recruit Units- recurit 1 unit of which takes the shortest amount of time, which depends on you Research.

9)-produce tool-just produce 1 banner or ladder sicne they are the shortest after all the ruby Tools.

10) wirte a message in the alliance- just write "Hello" or so because knowing you did not turn into a Roboter makes everyone happy.

11)make an Equipment in your smithy- just take 3 ordinary(in my opinion common would Sound better) and ocmbine them togetehr but loook at the stats before you do so.

12)Collect 10 resorce donaitons from your citizens- i suggest you do this in an outpost sicne it is the easiest there.

13) collect at least xy coins from taxes- this is easy and can be down even if you demolished almost all you dwdwellings since it takes a max of 6x10minuites.

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