So today i will give you some tipps and explain what supporting/stationing troops is.

First the facorors :


Screenshot 2
The bonus for travel speed maxes out at 80%


Screenshot 4

You can also find heros which increase the speed of stationing your troops between castles.


Screenshot 3
The research "Forced march" gives a bonus of 100% at level 5, which only applies when stationing troops from kingdom castles to rv's or from op's to op's or your main castle.
Screenshot 8
The research "Marching formation" can reduce the time it takes your troop to travel to other kingdoms, the maximum is 50%
Screenshot 9
Although this only increases the speed of veterans with a maximum of 20% it can be of use if you send support twice with once only vets & once the rest.

-Allinace Bonuses

Screenshot 5
As you can see the support travel speed maxes out at 390% it only applies when supporting memeber of your alliance.
Screenshot 6
There also is a temporary bonus on support movment speed which can be activated with the funds from the alliance, the duration is 1h.


Screenshot 7
Another option to increase the travel speed is by building stabels and upgrading them.

-Sending troops between kingdoms

Screenshot 10
You can also move troops between kingdoms this is a great but expensive way to send troops between op's if you can not reach them intime otherwise but keep in mind it cost you a good chunk of coins.

That sums it up if you have any sugetions you can leave them in the comments :D

Greetings : Pein le bref I

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